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How Automation Can Help Your Business

Machine automation can propel businesses to new heights of efficiency and productivity while increasing profits and product quality. These systems require no or little human participation and often perform inspection, processing, material handling or assembling functions. Keep reading to learn how to automate manufacturing processes and how it can benefit your business. 

What Is Automation in Manufacturing?

Equipment and technology can automate manufacturing processes or systems. This solution aims to cut production costs while increasing production capacity. You can program these systems to handle various tasks, and they are beneficial for repetitive jobs requiring accuracy and precision. Electronic equipment businesses, textile mills, medical assembly companies and other businesses can use automation systems to streamline processes such as scheduling inventory, analyzing information, sending data for reporting and performing tasks that could endanger human employees. 

There are three kinds of machine automation, each of which interacts with products differently.

  • Fixed automation: This automation type operates with a sole purpose. It is excellent if you have an item you need to replicate repeatedly. Because it only performs one job, fixed automation can be highly efficient. Businesses often use this system to complete large volumes of single-part production. 
  • Programmable automation: You can use programmable automation to perform multiple functions, enabling you to produce several batches within a short time frame. These systems need downtime when you want to change the function.
  • Flexible automation: Flexible automation falls between the previous two. You can reprogram these tools to complete different functions, but it will only work with limited product styles. You can improve efficiency with less downtime by using this real-time, on-demand production system.

If you want to reduce manufacturing costs while producing high-quality products and getting them to market sooner, we’ll create a custom automation solution for you. Implementing an automated process for your factory line means that you can minimize human error and injury. Well-designed machine systems allow for high-speed, high-volume production and processing.

What Is Automation Technology?

Automation technology is the design and use of machines and processes to enable systems to complete tasks in a self-sufficient manner. This equipment has minimal human intervention and includes a very broad range of technologies. We believe in the future of automation which is why we continue manufacturing this technology. Automatic manufacturing is the future of the industry, so we’ve focused on optimizing our machines to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Benefits of Automation in the Workplace

New technologies shape how we work, and automated manufacturing systems are becoming more common in many businesses. These systems relieve employee workload by completing repetitive tasks and reduce safety risks by removing humans from potentially dangerous parts of the production process. Here are additional advantages.

  • Increasing product quality: You can program automation systems to perform precise tasks, increasing product consistency and precision. You will need fewer re-works and produce fewer scraps, saving money and time during production while delivering satisfactory products. 
  • Improving production output: When you automate processes, you can complete specific functions in shorter periods. Machines can run much longer than humans, empowering you to maximize production space and add more workstations. 
  • Enhancing resiliency: Before the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies relied on manual labor to complete products. With automated systems, businesses can require fewer employees on the floor, enabling them to continue production during disruptions. 
  • Creating fulfilling jobs: Thanks to automated systems, employees who previously spent most or all their days performing manual labor can now allocate time to other job functions. Automated systems can complete mundane, repetitive, time-consuming and potentially dangerous tasks, giving workers more time to complete complex, problem-solving and critical-thinking jobs they otherwise couldn’t commit to. 
  • Saving on labor costs: Because these systems replace manual labor, you can reduce costs while producing high-quality products in less time.
  • Achieving impossible manual tasks: Some processes are impossible for humans to complete. Businesses like medical device manufacturing companies and similar industries must complete tasks like numerical controlled systems, integrated circuit fabrication and rapid prototyping through graphic modeling, which have unique requirements for geometry, accuracy and miniaturization that humans cannot manually achieve. 
  • Shortening manufacturing lead time: With automation, you can reduce the time between a customer’s order and your completion and delivery of their product, improving customer satisfaction. 
  • Becoming more competitive: By decreasing cycle times and improving product quality, you can gain traction and recognition in your industry. You could outperform your competitors and achieve globalization much sooner. 
  • Reducing environmental impact: By producing less waste and reducing space, you can minimize your business’ environmental impact. Additionally, smaller carbon footprints can save your company money.

With our automated assembly solutions, you can experience the following benefits in your business:

  • Precise and repeatable process: Through automation, your factory processes are reliably executed, making sure that the same specifications are followed every time, ideal for industries under strict regulations.
  • Multi-stage operations: Build a customized automated assembly line for multiple stages in your manufacturing process to help you assemble precision parts and components with ease.
  • Consistent and thorough output: You can rely on our automation systems to produce a high volume with unsurpassed repeatability.

By using automation processes, you won’t have to utilize offshore locations for lower labor costs. You’ll enjoy the benefits of cost-efficiency with a reliable onshore production strategy. We’ll build the ideal automation solution for your business by analyzing your current processes, defining the core tasks and integrating an automated process that accomplishes these tasks.

How Automation in Manufacturing Can Work to Your Advantage

How Automation in Manufacturing Can Work to Your Advantage

Automated manufacturing systems can save your business time and money. When you understand your specific goals, you can tailor these systems to optimize your production and reach success at much quicker rates. Having devices to monitor workstations or inventory materials can reduce downtime and save you from running out of stock. 

These systems can also monitor equipment performance and signal when failures or maintenance issues might occur, enabling you to act before a problem arises to continue with seamless production. If you opt for performance tracking, you can also determine where to implement new technologies and make smarter decisions about the production process. 

Additionally, automated systems can help you build a knowledgeable and skilled team. Because automated manufacturing systems reduce manual workload, you can rely on workers to complete thinking tasks and help problem-solve. You may need to implement training services to educate your staff, but you will ultimately have knowledgeable and skilled employees in your industry. Your team can then better assist customers by answering questions and delivering a quality product in less time. 

Furthermore, you can create a safer and more satisfying work environment for your team. Because these systems can complete potentially dangerous tasks, your workers will be less at risk for injury. With increased job functions and reduced risk, your team can take additional pride in their work and enjoy their time in the workplace. 

The New Concept Technology Solution

New Concept Technology helps businesses craft innovative automation systems for manufacturing. We offer tailor-made solutions to improve quality and maximize efficiency and productivity. With decades of manufacturing experience, we’ve acquired many capabilities.

  • Design engineeringOur team can help you get back on track when you have an unresolved product challenge or an unmet need. We can design solutions specifically for you, turning your ideas into functional realities. 
  • High-speed stampingOur industry pioneers create stamping solutions in dominant markets. We build solutions with cost-effective methods to save our clients money and time. We take care of everything from the initial design stages to final product testing. 
  • Injection and insert moldingWe’re relentlessly pursuing molding efficiency advancements. Our single-source manufacturing techniques empower us to expedite product completion by completing every step in-house with an experienced staff and top-notch resources. 
  • Automation and assemblyNew Concept Technology is your partner for onshore economic success and vitality, elevating manufacturing efficiency. Our skilled team relies on your customer satisfaction specifications to efficiently complete your projects.
  • Tool fabricationAs a single-source manufacturing company, we can create tools for your unique needs. Our tools will satisfy your business and withstand the test of time. 

Choose New Concept Technology for Automated Manufacturing Systems

New Concept Technology has decades of experience in the manufacturing industry, and we prioritize delivering excellent results for businesses with specific needs. Whether you’re looking for medical device automation, want to streamline production in automotive parts, reduce lead time for electronic equipment or otherwise transform your production process, we can help. Contact us today for innovative automated marketing solutions. 

Choose New Concept Technology for Automated Manufacturing Systems