Certifications ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14644-1 class 8 certified IATF 16949:2016 ISO 13485:2016

Our tool fabrication service is unlike any other, from designing to assembling and implementing custom tools for various applications. Whether your requirements involve plastic, metal or composite materials, we can help deliver the tools you need to execute any job seamlessly.

Our injection and insert molding services allow you to explore numerous possibilities until you obtain your required tool shape. Approach us with your idea concept or allow us to use an existing mold. Either way, you’ll be satisfied with the end product.

In-House Tool Building Excellence

Beyond our proud heritage of in-house tool fabrication, we have proven that our self-sufficiency in Tool Design, Fabrication and Manufacturing execution provides our customers the ultimate accountability and performance.

State-of-the-art tool-building equipment, toolmaker experience and our certified toolmaker apprenticeship program authenticate our commitment to stamping, molding and automation tool superiority.

Working collaboratively with our customers, our design team and toolmakers run with an idea concept and apply various capabilities until the desired fabrication tooling outcome is achieved.

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Self-sufficiency in tool design, fabrication and manufacturing requires a steady flow of dedicated skilled professionals.

We maintain that flow through our Apprenticeship Program. With this, we seek only the best and most proficient in mathematics, communication skills, motivation and mechanical aptitude. Our apprentices undergo strenuous training and testing as part of the program, ensuring they can apply their skills in real-life fabrication projects.

Part of this is the requirement for testing throughout the state-approved 5-year, 10,000-hour certification process. Every six months, apprentices are required to independently design, fabricate and validate their own tools for manufacturing.

This challenge identifies early on those apprentices that rise to the occasion of design excellence and fabrication innovation, to be selected as cream of the crop upon certification.

Committing to this requirement showcases our seriousness about appointing top recruits to handle our customers’ tool manufacturing requirements. We achieve this by preparing them at the onset through the Apprenticeship Program. They learn how everything is done in-house for optimal results and improved onshore efficiencies.

Partnering with New Concept Technology ensures you receive the best workmanship and service available so you don’t have to look for innovative tool fabrication solutions elsewhere.

Why Choose Custom Tool Fabrication?

Custom tool fabrication can be applied in businesses across industries, including:

The benefits of our fabrication processes include:

  • Exceptional quality control: Quality control ensures we maintain our high design and implementation standards. We strive to provide custom tools that meet the highest quality assurance standards while performing optimally.
  • Enhanced design complexity: Custom tools are designed using state-of-the-art, high-tech equipment to deliver simple and complex designs according to preference.
  • Cost-effective optimization: Tooling expenses can be minimized by manufacturing custom tools that suit specific applications, reducing the need for excess equipment.
  • Streamlined processes: By delivering custom tools through streamlined processes with quick turnaround times, we maintain the high standards we are proud of.
  • Meticulous engineering: Advanced CAD software allows toolmakers to design custom products that match your machine integration requirements.

You’ll enjoy these benefits and more regardless of your industry by choosing New Concept Technology for custom tooling and fabrication.

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In-House Operations

Our certified toolmakers Design, Build, Repair and Maintain stamping dies, mold tools and assembly equipment. Experts in CNC Wire & Conventional EDM, Hole Pop, Grinding and embedded tool monitoring electronics. We’re ready to design your ideas to life with manufacturing distinction.

Rapid Time to Market

With round the clock operations, rapid prototyping, manufacturing test platforms and expert logistical support, New Concept Technology will rationalize the optimum time-to-run tooling for an on budget rapid time to market solution.

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Running What We Build

Because we run the tooling we’ve built under the same roof, we inspire an extraordinary level of accountability for performance, maintainability, quality, reliability and overall cost efficiency. Further augmented by our continuous improvement philosophy, we’ve raised the bar for operational excellence.


Problem Solving

We understand what it takes to maintain manufacturing excellence in an ever changing market; industry leaders look to New Concept Technology to solve their toughest challenges because we have the breadth of expertise and depth of experience to fine tune tooling for total process synergy.


Tool and Die Maker Training Programs

Interested in becoming a tool and die maker? Read more about our registered apprenticeship program where you’ll earn Journeyperson credentials and skills that we value.

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By investing in tool manufacturing services from New Concept Technology, you secure expert service with exceptional cost-efficiency and value propositions. We don’t compromise on quality, ensuring we deliver the best custom tools to suit your unique requirements.

We are a leading custom tool manufacturer you can count on to provide what you need when needed. Contact us by completing a request form, and we’ll call you to discuss your requirements.