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The Right Services for High Quality Automation

In addition to design innovations we can further help position your products with competitive authority using a higher value manufacturing proposition. Consigning automation strategies to mitigate cost for reduced labor-content as an alternative to chasing lower labor-cost locations, New Concept Technology offers comprehensive services for cost reductions and onshore production strategies.

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New Concept Technology is your complete single source supplier, offering extensive design, engineering, process development, fabrication and manufacturing services under one roof to accommodate seamless manufacturing, from concept to finished product.

As your ultimate single source umbrella, our wide range of advanced capabilities are your answer to cost effective innovation, design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions that drive your next generation product to market on time with a competitive edge.

Revamped Automation Improvement

With a genuine knowledge based team approach from our humble beginnings and our acquired industry expertise, it was inevitable that we would develop an enhanced sense of value stream optimization. Our team is continually learning and improving, so developing a better automation process was inevitable. Now a refined proficiency of our operational footprint, we are proud to extend these intrinsic services to our customers.

Process by Design

Partnering with our customers to sustain focus on the manufacturing process requirements during the ideation and design phases ensures a Design to Cost outcome further endorsed by our Concurrent Engineering principles and Risk Management protocols to deliver a superior value high quality manufacturing proposition.

Robotics & Imaging Systems

Using high resolution digital imaging, advanced robotic technologies, rapid sample rate transducers, operational control and monitoring systems with full data acquisition, our extensive experience in process optimization and Design for Manufacturing philosophy will harvest a superior cost position for your competitive advantage.

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Expert Automation Supply and Engineering Services

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