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A Higher Level of Manufacturing Automation

In direct contrast to the pursuit of offshore, low labor cost manual solutions; we’re pioneering the next level of manufacturing process automation for local cost efficiency.

Relentlessly pushing the envelope of process optimization and pioneering cost stabilized automation solutions, New Concept Technology is your partner to elevate manufacturing efficiency for onshore economic vitality & success.

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Innovative Manufacturing Automation Solutions

An Industry leading OEM wanted to improve their product line capacity and efficiency while also introducing a new augmented performance product.

Their current manufacturing process consisted of 3 hand assembly stations and one standalone vision inspection, for a total of 10 operators.

The augmented performance product required the additional consideration of a micro-PCB with onboard high speed data filtering components in the assembly and testing processes.

With an extraordinary level of innovation, New Concept Technology transcended the challenges by designing a machine with a unique floating mini-pallet system to transport the component through each stage of assembly processing.

Each mini-pallet has an onboard RFID chip that stores the active part assembly, test & inspection records avoiding any possible errors from operator intervention or placement, providing detailed performance data for each processing station.

Incorporating fully automated inspection with two electrical tests, a filtering data test and visual inspection for contact True Position and Height, three operators are now required to keep this process running at three times the original capacity.

Concept Automation & Process Integration

A comprehensive self-sufficient design through production facility under one roof with enhanced inter-discipline collaboration in an innovation nurturing environment sustains our continuous drive towards manufacturing efficiency & excellence. We strive for the highest value cost efficient and timely solutions by using highly automated manufacturing & assembly technologies.


What Is Automation Technology?

These are machines and processes that enable systems to complete tasks on their own. This equipment has minimal human intervention and includes a very broad range of technologies. We believe in the future of automation which is why we continue manufacturing this technology. Automatic manufacturing is the future of the industry, so we’ve focused on optimizing our machines to satisfy our customer’s needs.

Automation For Assembly Machine

High Volume High Speed Processing

Experts in High Volume Cost Sensitive automated manufacturing solutions; we pioneer multi stage process operations incorporating mass feed and rapid transport through multiple actions, including insert molding, assembly & packaging.

Automated Inspection & Controls

Scrutinized by digital imaging systems with meticulous analytical algorithms for unsurpassed repeatability and quality with electronic record logging, our automated and robotic assembly systems deliver absolute cost certitude in today’s unsettled economic climate.



Our advanced automated packaging solutions maintain throughput, consistency and an efficient conclusion to an optimized manufacturing process. Specialty labeling, marking, serialization, lot, tool and mold cavity traceability features are supported.


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