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With a collaborative and truly customer focused approach, New Concept Technology will reinforce the foundations of manufacturing integrity for your next generation solutions. Involvement in the concept stage allows us to provide early guidance for an optimized manufacturing strategy, allowing our design engineers to nurture ideas into reality – fast.

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Rapid Design And Prototyping Services


With a passion for creativity, design and innovation for a thriving economy, we excel at exceeding the demands of our customers.


Offering engineering, prototyping and tooling fabrication under one roof translates to rapid proof of concept turnaround.


Using robotics, digital imaging inspection, logging, control and monitoring systems, our extensive experience in process optimization, material selection and Design for Manufacturing philosophy yield a superior value cost position.

Problem Solving

We see in everyday production what it takes to maintain manufacturing excellence in an ever changing market; industry leaders look to New Concept Technology to solve their toughest challenges because we have the breadth of expertise, depth of experience and Customer focus to fine tune tooling for total process synergy.


Advantages and Disadvantages of Rapid Prototyping

Some advantages:

  • Reduced development costs
  • Functionality testing
  • User involvement
  • Cost-effective
  • Quick turnaround

Some disadvantages:

  • Not meant for complex products
  • Higher upfront costs
  • Limited options

Promising Prototyping Efficiency

For years, New Concept Technology has prided itself on our ability to bridge the gap between idea generation and actual product development. We understand how crucial it is to swiftly transition from a concept to a tangible, market-ready product, and that’s why our focus is firmly set on providing expedited design and prototype services. We’re committed to in-house designs and prototypes that gives your company an edge over the competition.

Our dedicated teams are equipped not just with years of experience, but also the latest in prototyping technology. Our superior mold, stamping & automation tools complements our manufacturing operations which leads to a better product for you. With complete process control, we offer consistent, top-tier quality and fast turnover times, making us a leading choice for rapid design and prototyping.

Our in-house design and manufacturing model not only shaves off significant time in the prototyping stage, but also maximizes cost efficiency for your project. By consolidating the journey from concept to prototype under one roof, we eliminate unnecessary supply chain costs, streamline communication, and enable a rapid, smooth transition to production. With New Concept Technology, you’ll achieve more than just swift product realization – you’ll also witness a noticeable acceleration in your return on investment.

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Spend some time with our staff and we’ll work together to achieve your product and component goals. We want to empower your company to take their designs to the next level. We offer factory automated prototyping designs for companies in multiple industries. Let’s get to work today.


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