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The automotive industry remains one of the world’s most critical markets. New technology aimed at improving vehicle performance and efficiency has resulted in the most innovative components the industry has ever seen.

Whether you need help developing a manufacturing strategy for a specific part or bringing an idea to reality, the New Concept Technology automotive engineering team has a solution. Our engineering team provides innovative automotive parts designs for your company to stay ahead of the competition.

Perfected Advanced Automotive Concepts

Today’s automotive design engineers are seeking molded plastic parts for advanced driver safety systems, increasing fuel efficiency and reducing the environmental impact. Injection molding itself is a reliable method for producing solid plastic parts with a high-quality finish. Whether it’s under-the-hood, exterior or interior components, the New Concept Technology team will accelerate your product development and time-to-market automotive solutions under a Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) environment.

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Component Engineering Quality Solutions

We hold IATF 16949:2016 certification for automotive quality management standards. Our customers receive the highest level of engineering, quality and project management support. Having an integrated approach to design for manufacturing, material science expertise, in-process automated inspection and measurement controls within an Automotive Industry Action Group (AIAG) PPAP environment means we can handle all phases of fabrication and quality control in-house.


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Automotive Component Manufacturer Design Experience

As an automotive component manufacturer, New Concept Technology consistently provides increased quality and significant cost savings for our automotive clients. We offer superior products at lower prices by optimizing performance and cost throughout fabrication. We maintain relations with reputable sources to ensure access to the highest-grade materials for all our manufacturing processes.

New Concept Technology’s state-of-the-art integrated design through manufacturing has been a trusted partner for quality injection molded automotive components for 35+ years. Our advanced technologies include:

  • High-speed processes: Our efficient manufacturing processes allow us to fabricate your product using the most cost-efficient methods to save your company valuable time and money. New Concept Technology covers all your manufacturing needs, from high-speed automotive stamping to injection molding to automation and assembly.
  • Automated HiPot testing: Once in production, some automotive components must pass testing to ensure compliance with the necessary industry regulations and safety standards. High-potential (HiPot) testing is a nondestructive method that verifies the integrity of these components and their ability to withstand high voltages of electricity.
  • True position verification: True position is a geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD&T) application that is critical for ensuring parts meet specifications and providing seamless assembly with other components.
  • Robotic transfer for multi-shot and insert molding: Multi-shot molding is a process that molds two or more plastic resins together in a single machining cycle, improving efficiency and overall quality while minimizing the number of parts in a finished assembly.
  • Digital imaging control systemized HiPot testing: Digital imaging and HiPot testing have improved automotive parts manufacturing by significantly enhancing product quality through tighter tolerances while providing a precise inspection tool throughout the manufacturing process.

Automotive Engineering Applications

New Concept Technology has a long track record as an innovator and a reliable partner within the automotive market. We strive to create new solutions for our clients, from electrical components to ignition systems to custom molded parts.

Our Experience and Advanced technologies are particularly useful as Automotive Component Design Engineers innovate next-gen product development for:

  • Throttle position sensors
  • Coil-on plug ignition system components
  • Hybrid and electric power distribution
  • Electrical components and electronic connectors
  • Molded mechanical balancer linkages
  • Autonomous driving Light Detection and Ranging (LIDAR) components
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At New Concept Technology, our primary goal is to provide manufacturing solutions across a broad industry range that turn ideas into reality. Our superior customer service and exceptional engineering expertise set us apart in many applications, including advanced automotive concepts. Contact us online today to learn more about how our capabilities can benefit your company.

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