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Product Design Engineering Services

New Concept Technology leverages decades of combined knowledge and expertise with the industry’s most innovative tools and technology to optimize your product development process. We offer customized design engineering services proven to improve product quality while maximizing speed and cost efficiency in the manufacturing process. If your company needs assistance developing a new design or solving an existing manufacturing problem, the New Concept Technology team can help.

Our Services

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Our Design Engineering Services:

  • Concept design engineering: Our team can help make your product vision a reality, whether you need to create a prototype from a concept or develop an optimal manufacturing process for an existing prototype. Our engineers have years of design experience across various applications and industries, allowing us to incorporate our extensive knowledge into an unlimited range of concepts.
  • Design support: If your company has an existing design past the concept development stage, our engineering team can help you establish the most practical manufacturing options. We can identify the most efficient fabrication solutions, from creating several prototypes to producing a few hundred parts to manufacturing several thousand. We are the industry’s authority on automated processes such as high-speed stamping, injection molding and automated assembly.
  • Performance optimization: We can leverage our resources, tools, experience and concurrent engineering philosophy to optimize product performance as industry technology changes. Testing throughout the design’s life cycle allows us to recommend product enhancements to increase efficiency and improve overall production.

Product Design Innovation – Engineering Ideas into Solutions

Faced with an unexpected challenge on a new stamping die, a valued customer approached New Concept Technology for assistance to circumvent extensive project delays and six figure re-tooling expenses on a new reel to reel molding project. With a post over-mold accumulating relative pitch error between the dual stamped contact strips and insufficient range of tension relief to facilitate reliable reeling, the challenge appeared insurmountable and would require a redesigned stamping die.

With perseverance, resolve and patentable design innovations, we were able to implement an intermediate process to provide dynamic corrections to the contact strip pitch with sufficient latitude for accurate reeling while keeping the project on track with minimized budget variance. Specializing in the unlikely and reaching the unattainable, imagine what New Concept Technology can do for you.

Innovative Manufacturing and Design

We’re not just a design house. With our integrated solutions, extensive tool build and manufacturing capabilities, we create custom manufacturing design solutions every day. We have you covered from design, tool build to manufacturing.

Our manufacturing test platforms, rapid prototyping and expert logistics ensure the fastest time-to-market solutions. Our collaborative brainstorming sessions and decision making is why our product development process is second to none. From the beginning, we take a full team approach for the design phase which brings your ideas to life.

Concurrent Engineering

Our product design and development protocol is based on concurrent engineering principles. This approach leads to decreased product development time and cost, time to market and improved productivity. Concurrent engineering provides a flexible design strategy that allows some design stages to start early or run simultaneously, a crucial principle in shortening the cycle time for product development.

In addition to speeding up the engineering design process, concurrent engineering offers benefits like:

  • Encouraging multidisciplinary collaboration to reduce the inconsistencies and time-wasting roadblocks associated with the silo effect.
  • Reducing costs and increasing quality by addressing the potential problems that often occur later in the developmental process ahead of time.
  • Getting more people involved early in the process to identify mistakes when they’re less expensive to fix.
  • Providing a competitive edge by allowing you to drive your product to the market faster.

Continuous Improvement in Design Innovation

Our design work doesn’t end with a successful prototype or even a released product. We’re proud of our continuous improvement philosophy. Constantly striving to find opportunities to optimize product production process. Taking incremental and measured improvement steps results in improved product performance, quality, safety, cost, weight and manufacturing efficiency.

Contact Us For Concept Design Engineering Services

If you’re at an impasse, have an unmet need or an unresolved product challenge, partner with our design engineers to turn your next-generation ideas into reality. Our team of design engineers will support you through every milestone from hypothesis to production. We custom design the manufacturing process to meet our customers’ unique requirements utilizing our advanced tool and automation processes.

New Concept Technology is much more than a company offering design engineering services. Our vast experience and world-class customer service have made us an industry leader that delivers results few competitors can match. We measure our success by the way our customers meet their manufacturing goals while striving to maintain long-term partnerships. Connect with us online today to discover how our concept design engineering capabilities and other services can benefit your company.

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