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About Our Service

At New Concept Technology, we specialize in high-quality injection molding and have a facility fully equipped with advanced robotic technology to enhance the accuracy of our injection molding process. We have optimized our equipment and trained our team to ensure consistent quality. Our six-axis robotic arm has laser displacement capabilities to maximize precision with ±0.002” true position tolerance.


We can work with numerous materials and allow you to choose the best type for your application. Our production team is well-versed with many resins, such as Nylon, Ryton, PBT, LCP and many other formulations. With our custom plastic injection molding services, we can provide exactly what your industry requires


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Our Benefits

When you partner with us, you receive more than just injection molding. Our customers experience many advantages, including:

  • Unmatched quality: We only use high-quality materials for our products so that our customers receive durable solutions.
  • Remarkable customer service: We prioritize our customers, always going above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations.
  • Competitive turnarounds: Our team has an efficient injection molding process, allowing them to deliver prompt results.
  • Abundant services: We are a single-source supplier that provides an extensive array of services and handles every aspect of production.
  • Precise products: Our robotic system ensures precision, accuracy and a tight tolerance.


Why Use Injection Molding?

There are various ways to mold plastic objects, but injection molding offers manufacturers several benefits, such as the following:

  • Ideal process for mass manufacturing: We can streamline the injection molding process to mass-produce your items in a short period.
  • Cost efficiency: Since we can mass-produce injection molding items, there is a lower production cost.
  • Reduced waste: Injection molding produces less waste than other production processes, such as CNC machining, which reduces manufacturing costs.
  • Consistent results: One major benefit of injection molding is that it provides consistency and reliability for high product volumes.

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New Concept Technology is your go-to company when you need high-quality injection molding. Our team will work with you to customize your order, ensuring you receive the perfect solution for your project. Reach out to us for a free quotation, and one of our team members will contact you.

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