Certifications ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14644-1 class 8 certified IATF 16949:2016 ISO 13485:2016

Extensive Capabilities

With an extensive breadth of manufacturing capabilities at our fingertips, we’re able to provide a multitude of manufacturing services for our customers. While we delight in providing any combination of manufacturing provisions, we have a particular affinity and a passionate disposition for overcoming the impossible, innovating through the impractical and achieving the unlikely.

We invite you to bring to us your unmet needs, your “what if we could just….” and the “if only …” ideas and let us forge a new path forward in manufacturing for your competitive superiority.

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Using robotics, digital imaging inspection, logging, control and monitoring systems, our extensive experience in process optimization, material selection and Design for Manufacturing philosophy yields a superior value cost position.


Our advanced Americas manufacturing facilities are a canvas for operational excellence founded on precision tool, die and machine fabrication under vigorous ISO Quality & Regulatory Systems.


It doesn’t end there; we continually strive for controlled improvements to enhance product quality, endurance, safety, performance and value.


The concept manufacturing process takes an idea for a new tool or technology and makes it a reality through the design and production of prototypes for testing. Then, the process moves from prototyping to manufacturing and getting your product to market.

What Does the Concept to Manufacturing Process Look Like With NCT?

When you partner with NCT, we’ll bring your vision from concept to production with our full-service manufacturing. You won’t have to work with anyone else to get any parts of your product manufactured — we’ll handle every aspect of its creation.

  1. Concept design engineering: Come to us with your idea or prototype, and our team of design engineers will apply their extensive design expertise to optimize your product and make it production-ready.
  2. Rapid prototyping: We test your product with our fast prototyping services and precise testing automation. We’ll help you spot and solve challenges before the manufacturing process, so you can troubleshoot your product before it goes to market.
  3. Manufacturing: Using cutting-edge technology, we’ll design and produce the parts you need and assemble them to create your product. Consider us your one-stop shop, taking on everything from concept design all the way to manufacturing and assembly line optimization.

Design-to-Product Solutions for a Variety of Industries

You demand precision and quality, and we’re here to deliver it. We offer industrial manufacturing services across many sectors, including:

  • Medical: New Concept Technology is a trusted manufacturer of medical device prototypes. Our team of product and automation engineers has proven experience in the medical industry. With rapid medical prototyping services, we’ll help your organization minimize development costs and get medical device product ideas to market fast with competitive turnaround times and a streamlined supply chain. Our facilities are ISO 14644-1 Class 6 Certified to meet the strict quality standards of the medical industry.
  • Automotive: If you have an idea for an innovative component in one of the world’s most critical markets, we’re ready to bring it to life. Whether you need to create an exterior or interior component, we’ll accelerate your product development process and time-to-market. Our automotive quality management standards are IATF 16949:2016 certified.
  • Aerospace: We help take your technical aerospace components from concept to product for your business needs. We offer several services tailored to the aerospace industry, including overmolding, injection molding, and assembly services. Our ISO 9001:2015 certification shows our dedication to quality.
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New Concept Technology is a respected master of this most versatile and efficient manufacturing process. Entrusted by multinational global Fortune 500 companies, our stamping die design and in-house premium tolerance tool fabrication services allow us to push the performance envelope through 1600 strokes per minute to deliver superior value solutions with competitive authority.

Automation For Assembly Machine


Offering expertise and excellence in expeditious time to run production mold tooling services including reel to reel insert molding, innovative advanced rotary and shuttle molding techniques, New Concept Technology is relentless in the pursuit of advancements in molding efficiency and manufacturing process integration to better serve our customers.


In direct contrast to the pursuit of offshore, low labor cost manual solutions; we’re pioneering the next level of manufacturing automation for local cost efficiency. Affirming the envelope of process optimization and pioneering cost stabilized automation solutions; New Concept Technology is your partner to elevate manufacturing efficiency for onshore economic vitality & success.

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