Certifications ISO 9001:2015 ISO 14644-1 class 8 certified IATF 16949:2016 ISO 13485:2016

ISO 9001 Certified

Our ISO 9001 certifications demonstrate NCT’s commitment to achieving the highest quality standards in the industry, and to providing our customers with superior products and solutions.

We Don’t Mind Waving Our Flag

New Concept Technology is deeply committed to creating manufacturing processes to enhance and strengthen the growth of manufacturing in America. Aware that no other industry is so closely tied to the security of our nation, as well as world security, we raise the bar even higher to meet, exceed and excel at the special requirements of military-aerospace and industrial manufacturing.

It is with pride, we can add to our gambit of technical expertise, “Made in America.”


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US Military has some of the most demanding tolerances and reliability requirements of any industry. When only the most durable, dependable and cost-effective component will do, our competency in design and manufacturability meet and exceed the expectations of our customer requirements.


We exceed the most demanding manufacturing specifications for mission critical, high reliability solutions. We have expert designing, fabricating and premium quality tools to optimize the production processes for your custom components.

Aero Technical Components Manufacturer

As a single-source supplier, we’re able to take technical components from concept to product. Our expert team of production assistant, quality technicians and automation engineers ensure that your product will be brought to life exactly to your specifications.


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Built on a broad foundation of excellence, agility and a rapid time-to-market protocol, our passion for results drives innovations beyond established boundaries. Our industry success is present in precision products of all shape and sizes from appliances, solar, mass transportation, recreational vehicles to mining solutions.

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