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Design services, rapid prototyping and automation expertise coupled with extensive high volume manufacturing facilities deliver your next project on time at the right cost. We’re experts at electronic component and flex circuit integration with embedded signal integrity and RFI/EMI solutions.




From a simple signal contact to complex impedance controlled Gigabit transmission line configurations, our high speed presses running our own high efficiency progressive stamping dies with advanced digital imaging inspection and control systems ensure maximum product throughput and value-cost ratio. We’re experts in press-fit/compliant contact technology, connectors, sealed interconnect, wire terminations and insert molding solutions.



  Data Communications

Our expertise in interconnect solutions gives us an edge in electronic components and packaging for standard and hybrid optical, wire and power components (including POE) for high speed data solutions. Our in house process design, tooling fabrication and high volume manufacturing expertise put us in the driving seat to maximize quality and minimize costs.



Integrated Solutions

Innovation & Design
With a passion for creativity, design and innovation, we thrive on exceeding the demands of our customers.

Rapid Prototyping
Engineering, prototyping and tooling fabrication under one roof for accelerated proof of concept turnaround.

Process Design
Robotics, digital imaging inspection, logging, control and monitoring systems; extensive experience in process optimization, material selection and Design for Manufacturing philosophy.

Manufacturing Excellence
Our advanced US manufacturing facilities are a canvas for operational excellence founded on precision tool, die and machine fabrication under vigorous ISO Quality Systems.


Environmentally Friendly


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ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016
NCT Quality Policy
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