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  Pioneers in Advanced Molding Technology

Operating a comprehensive, self-sufficient mold tool design, fabrication and production facility under one roof drives our expertise to a level of excellence our customers depend on for rapid turnaround prototypes and expeditious time to run production mold tooling.

Pioneers of reel to reel insert molding and innovators in advanced rotary and shuttle molding techniques, New Concept Technology are relentless in the pursuit of the advancements in molding efficiency and manufacturing process integration to better serve our customers.

  Injection Molding

Trained in systematic molding techniques for high density precision 0.002 true position tolerance solutions using a broad range of resins - LCP, PBT, Ryton, Nylon, TPE, PEI, TPX, PE and PP and many industry specific specialty formulations, its no mystery why leading fortune 500 companies turn to New Concept technology for problem solving and innovation driven competitive solutions.


  Rotary & Shuttle Molding

It is often necessary to integrate insert molding operations into additional processes; we are experts in both rotary and shuttle insert molding, providing semi and fully automated loading / transport / multistep actions. We leverage our assembly engineering capabilities to optimize manufacturing efficiency and quality for your competitive advantage.


  Reel to Reel Molding

For High Volume Cost Sensitive Insert Molding with unsurpassed Repeatability and Quality, we pioneered then perfected, the reel to reel molding process to facilitate rapid high volume transport of stamped components through the molding tools and subsequent assembly operations. Scrutinized by digital imaging systems with meticulous analytical algorithms synchronizing the servo driven feeds for absolute manufacturing harmony - why settle for competition when you can be the leading light?


  Advanced Engineering

Proficient in decoupled & scientific molding principles with dynamic in-cavity sensors linked to Nautilus and RJG analytics for capability modeling, real time protection, control algorithms to assure mold integrity and consistent performance quality; our single, multi & high cavitation level tools incorporate pioneering industry innovations for exceptional results and competitive quality positioning.



Insert Molding Innovation ...

  A customer proprietary palletized process required integration into a delicate molding system and subsequent assembly operations.

Our preferred reel to reel techniques for high volume insert molding were not a viable option for the specialty strip based customer design.

New Concept Technology deployed an advanced 6-axis robot to automatically transfer the strip to a specially adapted rotary molding press. The robot head also features an innovative laser displacement sensor and vision system to ensure precise strip placement and absolute flatness in the mold base.

With seamless control synchronization, product integrity after molding is further assured with a robotic soft sensing constant force algorithm to gently follow the strip as it is ejected off the mold base before it is captured for transport to subsequent operations.

Demonstrating our customer first philosophy and an inherent ability to innovate in the face of process diversity, we were also able to accommodate soft switching to multiple product configurations.


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ISO 9001:2015
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NCT Quality Policy
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