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  Engineering Ideas into Solutions

If you’re at an impasse, have an unmet need or an unresolved product challenge, our expert design team can help get you back on track.

Secure our extensive experience on your next project - our design engineers will turn your next generation ideas into reality with comprehensive support through every milestone from hypothesis to production. We design components, assemblies, products, mold & stamping tools, semi and fully automated manufacturing processes.

  Product & Manufacturing Design

Manufacturing our design solutions every day, we’re not just a design house, but an integrated expert solution provider with extensive tool build and manufacturing capabilities. In addition to product design support, we design, build and run the tooling and manufacturing processes under the same roof for unsurpassed accountability to design excellence.


  Concurrent Engineering

Our integrated product development protocol is based on Concurrent Engineering principles, emphasizing our absolute commitment to exceed customers’ expectations over the entire product lifecycle with an optimized design for manufacturing solution.


  Continuous Improvement

Our design work doesn’t end with a successful prototype or even a released product. We’re proud of our continuous improvement philosophy, striving for opportunities to optimize product performance, quality, safety, cost, weight and manufacturing efficiency with controlled design improvements.


  Design Innovations

It’s no surprise that industry leaders look to New Concept Technology to solve their toughest challenges. We’re problem solvers. What sets us apart?

Our ability to Innovate where others concede.



Bringing ideas to life and innovating the future, what can we do for you?

  Faced with an unexpected challenge on a new stamping die, a valued customer approached New Concept Technology for assistance to circumvent extensive project delays and six figure re-tooling expenses on a new reel to reel molding project.

With a post over-mold accumulating relative pitch error between the dual stamped contact strips and insufficient range of tension relief to facilitate reliable reeling, the challenge appeared insurmountable and would require a redesigned stamping die.

With perseverance, resolve and patentable design innovations, we were able to implement an intermediate process to provide dynamic corrections to the contact strip pitch with sufficient latitude for accurate reeling while keeping the project on track with minimized budget variance.

Specializing in the unlikely and reaching the unattainable, imagine what New Concept Technology can do for you.


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ISO 9001:2015
IATF 16949:2016
NCT Quality Policy
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